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abdomen and pull the penis forward Stroking along the shaft of the penis every 3-4 seconds (See Below) 4 You control the pressure with via the handle 5 Warm wrap your penis at the end of the session again For the first week only use the device for 5-10 minutes each day For the second week increase your routine to 10-15 minutes each day For the third week onward increase power jelqing to 15-20 minutes a day #1 #2 #3 #4 © wwwpowerjelqingcom 2013-2014 | The Ultimate Jelqing Manual 21 Jelqing Exercise Jack Hammer Xl protect your hands from getting cold as low humidity helps in preventing flare-ups. Gloves help in protecting your skin against dryness. Some people believe that if you wear a cotton mitten next to the Jack Hammer Xl better skin care protection as it allows you to sweat and prevent overheating.




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